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 Dr.R.K Singh ,B.H,M.S.(Lucknow) and M.D.(Hom) started practicing in Lucknow,U.P.,India  in 1994 .his approach was to blend Classical knowledge of Homoeopathy with ultra scientific diagnostic and research oriented clinical practice.

Dr.Singh is well known Face in creative world, as he wrote more than Hundreds of articles in various news papers and magazine related to Health and currently publishing a health magazine in Hindi ‘Swasth Kaya ‘ in order to create awareness among masses for  Health.

Dr.R.K.Singh always preferred Research based clinical practice. His practice is supported with clinical research based statistics, data and scientific documentation. He presented and participated in many scientific seminars organized all over India and been regular contributors to various generals of Homoeopathy as well as magazines and news papers.

Infertility has long been  a  unsolved question .though medical science has progressed  a  lot , still Infertility remain a big problem .we  have worked in the field of male and female infertility for many years and results were so encouraging that we opened  center exclusively for infertility .this is first of its kind in north India . situated in Gole market Mahanagar ,Lucknow ,up.

Dr.R.K.Singh’s clinic is visited by  patients from all over India and globe .patients from U.K, U.S.A, Australia ,Nepal, Shri Lanka ,Europe and south Africa has been benefited .

Dr.R.K.Singh is

  • Faculty:               R.N.S. Homoeopathic medical college, M.P
  • Examiner :          Jivaji sindhia university Gwalior.
  • Editor:                 “SWASTH KAYA” Hindi Health magazine.