Smoking comes as one of the most injurious habits to a person’s health and even when it comes to the fertility aspect, the impact is no different. This is where most of the fertility experts advise their clients to quit smoking whilst they are planning to have a child and it further lay a negative impact on the overall health of the future child in the process.

So as we are talking about the various harmful effects of smoking on the fertility of person, let’s take a look at some of the major ones in the list.

  1. Men who are habitual of excessive smoking may find it hard to get erections as smoking put negative impacts on the sexual capabilities of a human being.
  2. Smoking is also known to damage and deprecate the DNA in the sperm which is then feared to be transferred to the future baby.
  3. Although the male body keeps on producing the sperms on a daily basis, it still takes around 3 months’ time to get that sperm matured. This is why fertility experts recommend couples to quit smoking 3 months before they start planning for a baby.
  4. Heavy smoking i.e. more than 20 cigarettes a day, can cause serious health complications to the future baby and even lead to the childhood leukemia.
  5. Women who go through smoking during their pregnancy period are most likely to have a miscarriage as compared to those who don’t. Babies they carry also come along with certain issues like low weight during the birth, prematurely delivered or may have certain birth defects.
  6. If a women comes around the vicinity of people indulge in heavy smoking during her pregnancy period, it further impacts the development of the ovaries in the girl child.
  7. Every cigarette smoked by the person during her pregnancy period increases the chances of miscarriage by a percent and this is the reason why women are prohibited from smoke during their pregnancy journey during the process.
  8. Smoking also increases a woman’s risk of observing an ectopic pregnancy, where the baby starts developing outside the uterus of the women, majorly in the fallopian tube. Here there are very rare chances of the baby to survive and even the mother would be carrying a big risk for her life.
  9. Women who are more prone to smoking around carrying lesser chances of getting pregnant.
  10. Smoking also negatively impacts the hormonal production of the human body and this comes bad during the pregnancy journey of a couple.

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