How does age affect a woman’s ability to have baby?
In the recent times, a number of women are waiting till their 30 s & 40s to have children. In reality, around 20 % of women have their first child only after 30 years of age. So, age is a rising cause of infertility. Around one-third of couples in which the woman is above 35 have fertility problems.

Increase in woman age decreases their chances of having a baby in the below ways:

Her ovaries become less capable to release eggs.
Eggs are not as healthy as they should be
Only a small number of eggs remain
She is more amenable to have health conditions that can lead to fertility problems
She is more likely to have a miscarriage .
Infertility treatment in homeopathy minimizes risks factors and results in positive pregnancy report.

Does Homeopathy works better for Infertility?
Yes, Homeopathy works better for Infertility. It is a holistic medicine that cures diseases completely from its root cause. DR.R.K singh Homeopathy treatment for Infertility emphases on the persons on a whole and provide treatment accordingly. Homeopathy experts believe that spiritual, mental, emotional and physical factors are interrelated, and no solitary factor is responsible. During treatment. DR.R.K SINGH’s Homeopathy treatment for infertility works on principle that substances that produce symptoms in a healthy individual also cure those symptoms in a sick person.

Likewise, homeopathy works by –

Augmenting sperm count & improving sperm mobility
Increase ovulation maturation and quality.
Reducing stress
Curing the side-effects of conventional treatment
Assist in eliminating emotional blockages & negative thought processes that affect fertility
Assisting to deal with depression & anxiety
Why Dr.R.K.singh’s Homoeopathic infertility center
is the right choice for undergoing infertility treatment in homeopathy? Many women, due to negative pregnancy results month after month they get disappointment, and turn to homeopathy. In recent times, a number of individuals & couples struggling with infertility prefers homeopathic constitutional treatment for conceiving. At Dr.R.K.singh’s Homoeopathic infertility center, genetic constitutional treatment is provided for treating the disease. As homeopathy medicines are ultra-diluted, there is no scope of side effects. Highly diluted homeopathic medicines for infertility, taken under the supervision of trained homeopathy physicians, are generally safe and improbable to cause severe adverse reactions.