I’ll never forget the first thing my parents said after my husband and I announced we wanted to try to get pregnant via homeopathic. “Are you sure?” That was tough to hear, since we were so excited about the prospect of in vitro fertilization helping us realize our dream of having a healthy baby.

We’d just been through a horrible loss, and the only thing really keeping me together was that tiny glimmer of hope that this was not the end of our story. Still, I understood my family’s reluctance. They just didn’t want to see me go through any more heartache. While I respected where they were coming from, I eventually had to accept that they might not be fully on board. In fact, my mom and dad weren’t the only people in my life who didn’t get why we were subjecting ourselves to the emotionally and physically challenging journey ahead. It definitely took some work, but I was able to arrive at a place where I accepted that the only two people who had to “get” our decision to do homeopathic were me and my husband.

The first step in getting to that place was being really sure about our choice, which we were — even if the truth was that until a few months before, we had never even considered the idea of doing homeopathic to get pregnant. We were lucky enough to welcome three healthy daughters without the help of any fertility treatments. We weren’t even 100 percent sure we wanted to expand our family, but then I got pregnant again, and we were overjoyed! For the next six months, we excitedly planned for our new addition. When we lost her, it was beyond devastating. Everything changed when life took such an unexpected turn. Suddenly, I was willing to go through anything to hold a healthy baby in my arms again. And that is when my doctor suggested homeopathic. We could do preimplantation genetic testing on the embryos to rule out a host of conditions and boost our chances of having a healthy child.